Friday, September 09, 2011

Are you still out there?

Ah, dear readers, was it really Aug 23rd that I last posted here?

Well, yes, it probably was. As I had a job interview that week and was then terribly discouraged that I didn't get the job - it was perfect: English and Drama, 12 min. walk from my house, full time until February.

And so I was plunged into the depths of despair.

And a lot of frantic getting-ready-for-our-new-tenant work of the "Oh, we still didn't paint the bathroom? And we have to finish putting up the ceiling tiles, find a fridge, clean the insulation off the walls and floors, paint the entry way, and clean the window wells and bathroom? What? When is she coming exactly? And the children are still home for another week? Who decided this?

And of course there were 7 duotangs (one yellow, one blue, one green, one grey, one white, one puce and two red - okay, not really puce) to buy and a bunch of other stuff.

And I needed glasses and a doctor's appointment.

And my daughter's immunizations were 6 months behind (ahem).

And then after I got all that done, I got a call from the school I interviewed at. They asked if I would be interested in just teaching the drama half time. Plus supervising homework time. Plus, eventually, being in the "Planning Room" at lunch. And because it was reliable work for 5 months and the subject area I have the most experience teaching and 12 min. walk from my house I thought about it for about 10 min and then said yes. Reliable, close part time work is definitely better than another 5 months of helter-skelter all-over-the-city coming-and-going not-ever-knowing work or full time but far far away work.

And then of course I had to start the next day, because school started in two days.

And Andrew started school.

And we went to Prescott for the weekend.

And, um, other than a half-stitched elephant pocket that Aaron has forgotten he wanted, I haven't sewn all week, so not even any exciting photos to show you. Sorry.

But a job with lots of room around the corners for sewing! And another maybe work-in-progress that is still secret for a few more weeks.

Thanks for sticking with me, y'all. Hope all your back-to-schools and fall time ventures are going well (or Spring time for those of you on the other end of the globe).


quiltzyx said...

Good luck with the new job, even if it's half of what you we hoping for. :D Like you said, more time for sewing!

Diary of a Flutter.Kat said...

Good luck with the job! What is it they say - God never closes one door without opening another...?
I haven't forgotten about your teacups either. I am hoping to make those in 2 weeks. I have a market & t-shirt job to get over and done with first before I can do any enjoyable sewing. Boy I miss it!!

Shannon Hillinger said...

Congratulations on the job. Hopefully it will translate into a full time position at that school. And until then, at least you are getting to have some extra sewing time.

Kristen said...

I'm still here, I usually check in a couple of times a week to see what you are up to. Love that the new job will work out for you!