Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reasons Why I Hate Sending My Kids to Daycare

1. They don't sleep at night because they slept too long at nap time.
2. They don't sleep at night because they missed their toys / parents / brother and want to stay up and play.
3. They are sick at least every second month.
4. They are clingy all weekend and every evening, meaning that all my time is taken up with comforting / holding them.
5. I feel like a terrible parent because I don't know things about them anymore or understand them (mostly because they are speaking French).

But, 3 reasons I send them to daycare:
1. My husband is in school, so
2. Someone has to work and
3. Therefore, someone else has to look after my kids.

Now, perhaps if they would sleep and stop being sick and clingy, I could actually not be grumpy and not mind the whole work / daycare thing. Because I really do love my job. A lot. Sigh.

Okay, back to trying to get my sick daughter to sleep for the third hour straight.


Me? A Mom? said...

I feel your pain. I recently went back to work and we have a terrible time getting the kids to bed. They simply want to spend time with us. I also hate that I don't feel like I "know" them as well as I did when I was staying at home.

Try not to be so hard on yourself; we're doing what is best right now for our families. But I do know how hard it is. ::hugs::

Diary of a Flutter.Kat said...

Ah sucky!

Beck said...

:( That sucks. Hope she feels better soon. And you do too

Kristen said...

I'm re-learning to make the time between daycare and bedtime really count with my kids, it's easier said than done. But know you aren't alone. We all feel this way too!