Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Years' Resolutions:

This year I resolve to give birth to our fourth child.

I resolve to do what I can to keep our family life running smoothly and on the right track.

I resolve to take care of myself so I can take care of those around me.

Life is shifting so much lately that I can't tell you how those things will actually work out in practical terms.

Often I will center a year or a given time around a word. When I was a new mom, that word was joy - I needed to find the joy in the transformation of my lifestyle from inner city highschool teacher to stay at home minister's wife. Then after that is was creativity, as I tried to find a way to bring more personal satisfaction into the repetitive routines of life with young children. Our third child and our move to Montreal has caused us to focus on survival and faith. The last six months there has been much going on in my life that has required learning about grace.

For this new year, I think the word is going to be renewal. Renewal of my relationships and of my faith. Renewal of my very tired, very sore soul. And hopefully renewal of my creative energy.

Hope your new year brings much joy, hope, and renewal.  

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Kristen said...

Happy New Year Jill!