Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sewing Day!

When Dave asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I said I wanted a day to sew. And so today, when Aaron and Emma went back to daycare, Andrew went to the Biodome with Dave and I got to sew! After fortifying myself a bit:

I got to work on my blocks for Sarah and Molly's free piecing study. They finished in November, and I still have half my blocks to do. These girls were the block I was the most afraid of, and I had been avoiding the rest of the blocks after her because I wouldn't let myself do the easy ones until I had finished her. Ironically, I was just telling my students a few weeks ago that they know they are learning when they reach the edge of discomfort and fear - that is where the creativity and learning happens. So I had to take my own advice and push through these blocks. Here's Mel's girl - her blocks are all actually 10.5", so I made a second block for her after the first one ended up too bog.
My girl is a little bulky. I think she needs a neck.
Next I tackled the other one I had really been afraid of - the gnomes and mushrooms. This gnome guy looks complicated, but he is actually exceptionally easy. Same for the mushrooms. I might switch out the bottom fabric in my blue mushroom - not sure I like the two tones.
Here is a close up on Mel's grey, yellow and orange mushroom. These ones were really fun to make.
The last one that I was really nervous about was my name, so I did that one last for the day. This green is less putrid in real life - it just looks funny in contrast to the cutting board green.
And lastly, here is Mel's version of my name. I have loved working with her colours - they are super bright and fun.
One thing I regret is that I didn't use white or black in any of these blocks. I think it would have added somewhere for the eye to rest. Oh well.

Remaining wonky blocks for this study: log cabins, trees, houses, teacups (they used my tutorial - how fun!). Then I'm done!

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Lisa said...

I love your wonky blocks, especially the people which can't have been easy.