Thursday, February 23, 2012

Free Pieced Tea Cannisters

So, the next step of my Fab Little Quilt is to make a tea cannister. Above is the first one I made, inspired by the crazy bird on the fabric. He matched perfectly with the churn dashes, and I love the cannister, but the yellow was overwhelming everything else in my quilt and killing the overall design. So cute or not, it had to be replaced.

 Fortunately, when I was first tinkering with the block, I made a label that I thought was with the same yellow as the cannister above, but was really in a more orange-y print from the same fabric line. It clashed with the yellow in the bird fabric and wasn't working at all. I pulled it back out tonight, along with a little piece of my latest funny animal fabric (I love this designer's animals - they are so whimsical and happy), the original green and yellow, and a bit of the fabric I bought for this quilt. Here is my second cannister:
One of the ladies on Flikr commented that it must be catmint tea. I think it fits in with the overall colours of the quilt, and is still cute without stealing the show, don't you?
So, on to teacups, and then to put the puzzle pieces all together somehow!


Bree said...

love the tea pot especially, I'm a huge collector of all things 'tea' even though I don't drink the stuff!

hope your parter loves it - otherwise I'll have it ! :)

Kristen said...

they are both super cute!