Thursday, February 02, 2012

Grumble, grumble, grumble . . .

We have had a very strange winter. The temperature varries from day to day between -15 and +5 degrees Celcius. There are two problems with this:

1. The sidewalks and roads are constantly thawing and melting and being rained on and then snowed on, making it impossible, most days, for a 7 month pregnant woman to do any but the most necessary and cautious walking.

2. Colds and flus are rampant. Andrew has been home all week with a bad flu/cold/ chesty things, which I now have. Emma was sick the two weeks before that with a bad cold and then pink eye, all the children threw up on one of those weekends for no apparent reason and so it has gone all winter. This means that I have not had a single weekend or day off without sick kids (or a sick me) since the last weekend of Christmas holidays. I am thoroughly sick of being or taking care of sick people.

Add these two features to my normal end-of-pregnancy grumpiness and a particularly busy few weeks at work (report cards, anyone? subbing on my prep blocks for all the OTHER sick teachers, or teachers marking exams, anyone?) and I have not had much of a breather lately. Every time I feel like I'm coming out of the woods, someone else gets sick.

I felt bad on Wed, because it was my day off, and I was SO grumpy that Andrew dared to STILL be sick when I wanted my day off to visit friends and sew and get my haircut and not have people to deal with that I was not the most nurturing Mom, I'm afraid. Ah well. Hopefully he'll remember me on better days and not on that one.

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Kristen said...

Can so relate! Have not been well since mid-December - one day I'll get to rest, I think there is an opening in mid-July :)