Thursday, February 02, 2012

Oh, yes, I did mention knitting . ..

because I finally knit something other than a rectangle!
Fingerless gloves! Never being one to start off with, say, a scarf, I decided that I needed something small but interesting to start with. After an afternoon over at Valerie's house learning how to purl and make cables, I took my borrowed needles and pattern and gifted wool and set off to knit these babies. I needed a few more tips and tutorials along the way, but I got them knit! The one above is the second glove, which is much tidier than the first glove.
I liked my pair so much, that I decided to knit my sister in law a pair for Christmas. Of course, since I finished them in the car on the way to Cambridge on Christmas eve, I don't have a photo of that pair, but here is the very pretty wool I used anyway:
Now I'm working on a simpler pattern with just a rib stitch and a thumb hole for a certain pair of boys who think these resemble ninja gloves, so I can have my pair back . . .

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