Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, I had about half a dozen amusing Christmasy posts that I was planning to write about Terry Prattchet's "The Hogfather", our Christmas tree that it four feet high and raised four feet off the ground, and our Afrikanns Christmas Eve, but unfortunately I have been either exhausted or frantically nesting or quilting (see post below) in the last few weeks, so none of them got written. Sorry. Thanks for continuing to check my blog, oh loyal audience.

Anyway, now it is 2007. We did not have a New Years Baby. We celebrated by, um, sleeping? You see, the funny thing about being a minster is that everyone wants you around for their Christmas party / dinner, but no one ever invites you to their house for their New Years' Eve Party. I can't think of why. Since the week was pretty intense for Dave, he went to sleep early.
I have been averaging about 4 hrs of sleep a night this week, between my late night pregnancy insomnia and my son's penchant to start the day at 5:30 am. So last night, when he refused to nap and then crashed at 7:30, I went to sleep with him. I woke up about 5 times, and slept for an hour on the couch in the middle of the night when my heartburn got really bad (but then my feet started swelling, so I went back to bed . .. ), but my body has learned that you take what you can get.

Well, readers, let us tip a metaphorical glass to the New Year! May it be full of joy and may you grow closer to God and those you love in the year to come. Cheers!

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