Thursday, January 11, 2007

"This my friend is JUMBO/large!"

as Strongbad would put it (see "road trip" under SB emails).
39 weeks and not counting anymore. Just wondering every day if this is going to be THE day or not. I must say that so far baby has had the courtesy not to come during the middle of my terrible cold or a terrible blizzard. So far, so good. Although I would like to be able to get up off the floor by myself again sometime soon, so once the blizzard is over, baby, feel free to enter the world. Any time now. Or now. Like now. How about now?


Kristen said...

I'll keep praying for far do you have to go to deliver (hospital wise?). My baby doctor keeps telling me that the last baby she delivered on my due date was in the middle of a blizzard...thanks Doctor!

Jilly said...

Only about a 5 min. drive to the hospital, so thats not really a concern during normal conditions.