Thursday, January 11, 2007

Update on the storm

Well, with typical plucky Saskatchewan fervor, pretty much everyone is dug out already. Our neighbours had just happened to bring home their ATV from their cabin a few weeks ago, so they cleared out our driveway for us (including starting and pushing out our car and cleaning around it). I haven't been out to check, but I assume the main streets have been plowed by now, and there are enough ruts on more minor streets to make the roads passable. So, aside from there being a lot of snow everywhere and it being really really cold, the blizzard crisis is over already.

Its so funny because it is so different that B.C. Here everyone is used to snow, but there if there is a blizzard it is a major disaster and hazardous to drive until the snow melts or a week or so has gone past. I remember being out there the year that there was about a foot of snow right after Christmas, and the roads were closed, the airport shut down, schools and businesses were closed, cars were driven off the road all up and down the highway . . . Dave and I couldn't stop laughing. But then we realized that there were no snow plows, no snow tires, no one had snow shovels or proper clothes to wear, and the cities had no idea how to clear the roads, so they were slick and dangerous for a few days. And no one knew how to stop on ice, so people would swerve all over the place and just hit you because they couldn't stop. It was qute crazy.

In Saskatchewan, however, unless there's snow past your armpits, a blizzard is really just an excuse for everyone to play with their 4X4's, ATVs, snowmobiles and snowblowers and justify that new pair of Sorells they bought this fall.

All that to say that we are now good to go again should I go into labour. I just need to get rid of what has now turned into a nasty sinus infection and we will be good to go. Well, or we might be going before I get rid of it, but here's hoping and praying my antibiotics and the snatches of sleep I can manage to grab are enough to kill it in the next few days. I really would not like my new baby to be startled awake all night and day by his/her mother's horrible hacking cough.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the arrival of Aaron Luke. We are so happy that all went well for you.

-Anna & Andrew

Kristin said...

Jill! found your blog when googling to see if there was a baby birth announcement 'out there' darling husband had the info that you had the baby, but that was pretty much all the info he had. Anyhow, took a little look through your blog (hope that's ok) and wanted to say hello.

Kristin from "out west in Meadow"

Jilly said...

hi, kristen! Great to hear from you! my husband sent the message around to the clergy, so i would be surprised if it says much more than that we had the baby.

great to hear from you. i'm not much of a phone caller, but i'm a great typer (somehow its easier to respond to emails at 2 am in a spare moment . . ) so email dave and he'll give you my email if you like. feel free to peruse my blog anytime. the more readers the better!