Monday, January 01, 2007

What I will miss . . .

about only having one child. It has been nice to be able to give Andrew my undivided attention for two years. Not always easy, since he does frequently demand, well, my undivided attention. But I imagine that there will be few moments as peaceful as this in the next few months. I've been in mourning, a bit, for the special relationship I've shared with my son, and how it will be changing any day now. I am excited about adding a new baby to our family, obviously, and I think it will be great for Andrew to have more people around -- I've always said he would be happier with a sibling and I still think that it true. But I will miss all the cuddling and talking and sleeping and other one-on-one time we've had together. My second child will never receive my undivided attention like Andrew did, and I'm a bit sad about that, too. But then, he or she will never know any different, so I think its just a mom thing to worry so much.

Incidentally, it was three days after the above shot that we finally got and set up Andrew's "big boy bed". He is within arms' reach of me, but he reaches for me less and less each night. In the last few days he has not even fallen asleep cuddling next to me, but rather rolled over onto his own pillow, on his own bed.

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