Saturday, June 27, 2009

General Update

Well, I still have no camera, so I'm feeling a bit out of the blog / Flikr loop. Plus I tend to get a bit grumpy and introspective when I'm pregnant, and after the winter we had around here, I'm sure you've all had enough of grumpy and introspective Jill.

So instead, I shall give you funny / clever Jill's kids. One story from each.

Andrew longs to have a Playmobil castle or pirate ship (despite having two other plastic yard sale find castles). The other day we got out his piggy bank and counted up his money to see if he had enough yet. He has $16, because every time Dave empties his pockets, or I find change in the laundry, Andrew immediately swipes whatever he finds. So, after I told him he needed another eighty or so dollars to get a playmobil castle, he said, "You know what we should do tomorrow, Mom? We should have a Money Hunt. It will work like this. You get some money, and hide it around my room and your room. Then I will find it and put it in my piggy bank. Then I can get my castle." (I wish someone would do a money hunt for me.)

Aaron has decided that he is Batman. This means that he wears a superhero cape whenever he can, feels like he has the right to punch everyone whenever he wants to (sigh) and insists on being addressed as Batman at all times. Last night he woke up around 10pm because he had to pee (no, I don't know how you can get your kids to do this, so just enjoy your sleep and put them in diapers). I set him on the potty, and after a bit said, "Are you done, Aaron?". He said, sleepily, "I'm Batman." I corrected myself: "Are you done Batman?" Aaron: "Yes. Batman went pee."

The new baby is beginning to recognize voices. S/he has started turning and kicking whenever s/he hears Andrew or Aaron or Dave start talking after they have been silent for a while. No one else can really tell yet, but it is very cute for me.

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Kristen said...

miss you in blogworld Jill - love the kid stories (especially Andrew's)