Monday, June 15, 2009

Threads Together Update

I realized I haven't actually shown you guys any of my quilt blocks so far. I finally finished the infernal triangles, and they look pretty good and will hopefully stay together. Then I did my May blocks and sent them out. Ironically, I picked up the fabric for my June blocks (not finished yet) the day after I sent out the other two sets. So here goes:

These were the blocks for March. We got some beautiful Kaffe Fasset fabrics to play with. One block is improvised, and the other is a block from the "New Orleans Star Quilt" in Kaleidoscope of Quilts:

These are Betty's triangle blocks. The odd little bits of yellow peeking out of the edges are some gray martini dots I had drifting around. The grey matched with the grey background fabric I recived, so I used mostly tiny pieces of it to fill in the gaps:

This was the fabric Cris sent us for May. She said she wanted something fun, so I tried to comply. Again, I did one improvised log cabin-y block and one from a pattern found online (although I modified it -- first on purpose to use five fabrics instead of 3, and then by accident because I can't ever keep track of what's supposed to go where:

So there you go. I still don't have my digital camera. I actually used our film camera, and got a photo cd with my prints. Handy, eh? If I can learn to wait 5 days (ha!) I can even get the film processed for .99 cents. Remember when One Hour Photo finishing was a luxury, and we expected to wait 5 days for photos once we had finally finished a roll of film and taken it in to be developed at the photo shop?

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