Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's In a Name?

Tamara over at 1/4 of an inch is asking bloggers to tell the story of the name of their title.

I started this blog before I started quilting. I had just made the giant life transition from being a childless professional to being a stay at home parent. I had also just moved to a different province. So I didn't start this blog with a huge focus -- the idea of a craft blog,or that I would take up crafting to the extent that I have, was foreign to me. I wasn't sure if I was just going to write about my life, or comment on things that were going on around me, or discuss ideas, or what. My friend Kris had started a blog, and I kept hearing about blogging on CBC, and I thought it might be an outlet for all my ideas and thoughts and randomness, and keep me writing something.

I used to write plays and fiction, and was directing my plays in local play festivals and submitting my short fiction to magazines. Nothing ever got published, but with that in mind, I thought that Life and Times of Jill (as in Life and Times of Shakespeare, or Dickens, or Jane Austen) might be a fun title. It would sound a little bit grand, but then have a note of self deprication and bathos, because I'm just Jill, not some famous person.

It was kind of funny, because I thought that it would for sure have been taken by someone already, or that there would be lots of Life and Times of . . . titles out there. But I've never heard of another one. Which is all good.

If you want to check out the what and where of other bloggers' titles, or add your name and description to the list, you can go to 1/4 of an inch and add yourself to her Mr. Linky here .


Kristen said...

I love the name of your blog - I wish I'd have thought of it (but I couldn't be Jill obviously) :o)

1/4 of an inch said...

I loved reading you little all makes perfect sense, thanks so much for the insight.

I was a bit like you, I thought 1/4 of an inch would for sure be taken, but it wasn't nor has it been was meant to be for me!

Tam xo

suesueb said...

i like it-tells it just like it is-all about you!!