Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stuff White Christians Like

So, I was visiting Sharon last week, and she had a copy of "Stuff White People Like" out of the library. This is a book, based on a blog that basically is an ironic list of things upper middle class white people with libral arts educations like. The list includes coffe, Apple computers, yoga, the outdoors, organic produce, indie rock and NPR. It is a pretty funny and, as a GenX, liberal arts educated white person, pretty painful list to read.

This led me to my own riff on the topic, which is Stuff White Christians Like. To explain a little, I grew up as a Baptist Pastor's kid, so I've had my share of experiences with Stuff White Christians Like. I won't go into a lot of detail, but a few that came to mind:

Missions Trips
Leather Bound Bibles
Zip-up Bible Cases with Handles
Arguments about Predestination and End Times
Leaving Tracts instead of Tips
Applying Singles Verses out of Context to Justify Anything
Abstaining from Alcohol
Faith Fish Jewlery
Subtly Christian Tatoos
Evangelistic T-Shirts
Christian Music Festivals
Summer Camp
Car Rallys
Sharing Other People's Prayer Requests
Popcorn Prayer
Singing Praise Music by a Campfire accompanied by a Guitar
Christian Replicas of Popular Music
Christian Celebrities
Being "Led"
Soup Kitchens
Being in a Worship Band

Anyone else?


emedoodle said...

I love that book! I work in a bookstore and came across it one day.

Enjoyed your list as well.

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Carla said...

spaghetti suppers