Friday, July 03, 2009

New Workout

Anyone want to join me in a great workout that will totally tone your upper body and core? I've only been doing it for two days and I can feel the results already.

Its called CRUTCHES

Yes, that's right. I sprained my ankle. At 19 weeks pregnant. Thank goodness I'm not at 29 or 39 weeks pregnant. It was the loosening ligaments thing that got me.

You see, I'm naturally loose jointed to begin with. So much so that I used to have problems with my wrists spontaneously slipping slightly out of joint when I was a teenager. Not so much that I would be in a lot of pain, just enough that I couldn't carry anything in that hand. My cousins are all gymnasts, but I only inherited the flexibility, not the co-ordination, of that side of the family.

I digress. Anyway, my hips started to loosen up at the beginning of this week, which means I'm a bit off balance. Then I took the boys for a long walk and wore out my leg muscles. Then I got in an argument with my son about pickles and he wouldn't go to his room, and as I marched him down the hall our feet got tangled . . . and next thing I knew I was propped up on the couch with a bag of frozen peas on my ankle.

Yesterday I thought it wasn't too bad, so I kept walking on it. But because I did it kept getting worse, so this morning I crawled everywhere until the drug store opened and Dave could get me crutches. Fortunately its feeling better today.

So send fast healing vibes my way.


Carla said...

Yikes! I'm sorry. Maybe you can get your boys enchanted with the idea of playing hospital. You might be covered in blanket and surrounded by stuffed, but it may keep them in the room as you for a bit.

Kristen said...

oooh Jill, I'm so sorry to hear about that! I sprained my ankle when Elijah was one and a half and we were moving into the house (some help I was with that!) Too bad we weren't closer, I could have given you my crutches

Jilly said...

Thanks for the comiserations, ladies. Wish I had friends close by of the "Let me take your kids for a few hours" variety close by . . . Ah well. One day.