Sunday, July 05, 2009

I miss my camera.

Its been two months now since I left my camera in Winnipeg. I'm feeling a big lonely without it. No Flikr photos, no pretty pictures for my blog, no photos of boys in just underwear and superhero capes, or of their cute new matching swimmers (Aaron had to have the same shorts as Andrew). No photos of my new bathmat, or the progress on my Craft Hope quilt or my new scrap quilt or . . . sigh.

Well, in two weeks I'll be back in Winnipeg and I shall pick up my camera. Sorry for the lame blog of late, but its just not the same without my camera. Who knew an inanimate object would become such a big part of my day to day life, or that I would become so used to telling stories with pictures as the punchlines.

Ah well, I've almost got another roll of film finished, then there will be a few photos before I go on vacation. That is, when my foot heals, and I can sew and drive again . .

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