Monday, July 13, 2009

Obligatory Belly Photo

So here I am, at 20 weeks pregnant. Half way there!

Yeah, and I have bangs. I don't think I've had bangs since I was in highschool. I"m trying to decide if I like them, or if they're too girly. I think its that the rest of my hair has really heavy layers, so I feel like its too much of a mom cut, or conversely, like what my hair was like in grade 11. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Donna, for getting my camera back to me! Lots of crafty things to post in the next day or so (or just check my Flikr, they're already up there).


Beck said...

a belly picture! :) my belly is still little, but it's growing!! I like the bangs. Actually I was thinking of doing bangs too! I've never had them and thought it would be something different, but for now I'm letting my hair grow cause they say your hair grows faster while you're pregnant and since my hair grows really really slow this is my chance to have longish hair again!

Kristen said...

aww Jill, you're so cute pregnant (and bangs are very 'in' right now)

Bree said...

you look gorgeous!
i didn't take any belly shots when I was pregnant, probably should have done that.
maybe next time.