Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stash Sunday

Due to my lack of a camera, or of new fabric, I haven't posted a Stash Sunday in a long time. But just recently, since I sold a quilt last week, I bought this fabric to fill in its spot (um, what's that? Was I supposed to be stash busting? Ooops.)

Presently I am planning to use it to add some different fabric to Aaron's I-spy quilt when I get to it, unless we have a boy, then it will be the new baby's quilt, and some extra patches will go into Aaron's I-spy quilt as well.

This is "Oh Boy" by David Walker. I picked it up in a fat quarter pack from Pink Chalk Studios. Kathy must have an extra in with Canada Post or something, because this fabric arrived super fast.

Since I was paying for shipping anyway, and I am thinking of making some storage containers of some kind for the boys, I picked up these cute cars, too:

As always, you can see what other Stashers are playing along on Tamara's blog, 1/4 of an inch .

Now I should get to my cleaning and packing, since we're leaving on summer holidays in two days.

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