Thursday, January 28, 2010

Been Meaning To Mention . . .

Will Scarlet hat
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these awesome hats I made for the boys for Christmas. I showed them the 1930's version of The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn a few months ago. It is one of my all time favorite movies. This semi-innocent act started out a huge Robin Hood obsession at our house. But seriously, how can you be Robin Hood or Will Scarlet without a proper hat? So the handmade holidays request of the year was medeival hats. I invented these on Christmas eve, and quickly hand stitched them out of wool felt -- this one is out of some purchased wool / acrylic blend, and Andrew's is out of an old green sweater. They are super awesome in person, and have already been out to the grocery store and to A &W. There are a few more photos of Flikr, if you're interested. Just click in from my sidebar.

Which brings me to something Kris commented about on my last post (and one of the reasons I rearranged things on the blog): I often quickly throw some photos on Flikr, meaning to do a full blog post about them later, but then never get around to it. So there are all kinds of odds and bobs over there that never make it here. The Flikr uploader is just a lot more user-friendly than Blogger.

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Jeff, Kym and Samuel said...

I can see it all. I don't even have to use my imagination. Because at every breakdown, you think, "Surely it won't get worse then this. We must press on! We must overcome these petty obstacles! Women all around the world are doing this exact thing right now, with a smilie on their face and they probably even put on makeup and managed to brush their hair this morning!"