Thursday, April 29, 2010

Its all about the hands

Emma is 5 months today! And let me tell you, she LOVES fabric! That's my girl.

I know its really just this age. She loves grabbing and patting and stroking everything in sight. Compared to the boys she has a very soft, gentle touch -- its amazing, I didn't have to teach her to be gentle. She just is.
At this age Andrew and I were in the throws of recovering from his milk allergy and I don't think he was doing anything but eating as he gained a ton of weight. Aaron loved grabbing things and shaking them and throwing them -- especially anything noisy.
In contrast, Emma loves to softly rub things -- especially quilts. Of course, this might be because she encounters so many quilts in her life, but I like to think she just likes feeling the soft textures.

I love little chubby baby fingers. I love watching them learn how to use them and marvelling at their own discoveries.
I can't wait to see what these little hands will get up to (and into, I'm sure) in the months and years to come.


Beck said...

Thomas is grabbing things and feeling things with his hands these days too. :) It is so neat to watch them figuring stuff out.

Kristen said...

its amazing how already you can see her own little personality coming through