Sunday, April 18, 2010


It had to happen eventually. The kids had been eyeing each other up since it got warm enough to go outside. And this year, the kids across the street are old enough to cross by themselves. It started with them biking up to our kids and chatting a bit. Then my boys started yelling across at the road at them when they were outside. Next their little boy sat in the back of his dad's truck and they yelled questions back and forth. Then on Friday, they started playing together.

It started with the neighbour kids sitting on our side of the road and waiting for our kids to approach them. Then they started walking up and down the sidewalk waving things at each other. After a little stick removal intervention I looked out and saw them all digging around in the sand in the gutter.

Soon they had moved to our yard. Then they brought a bunch of toys outside. Eventually they made their way into the living room. Yesterday they played together all day except at lunch. Half the day in our yard constructing this trap (can you tell by the bait who its supposed to catch?)

The other half over at the neighbour's house.
Now if only the baby hadn't been getting teeth, I might have been able to accomplish something.

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