Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moments to Cherish

We got they boys new sleeping bags today. Of course, they had to try them out the instant they saw them, so they listened to their afternoon stories in the living room, in the sleeping bags. I told them "no snack in the living room", as this morning Aaron had taken strawberries into the living room and rather than putting the tops in a bowl, he had wrapped them up in a quilt (reminder to self: the next couch quilt needs to have less white). I was trying to finally get the dishes washed, and so I pretended not to notice when he snuck into the kitchen and grabbed the box of Corn Flakes. But when I peeked around the corner and saw this, I just had to take a photo:

I was taking photos of Emma making a mess of her food in typical baby fashion when Andrew asked if he could use the camera. He said, "I want to take a picture of you, Mom, because you're so beautiful".
As you can see, I'm actually rather tired and in need of a haircut, but it was sweet none the less.
We were eating chips and guacamole for an afternoon snack, and Andrew heard that Dave was on his way home to barbeque. He put together this "platter" for Dave to snack on -- a giant pile of ham (Andrew loves ham), the guacamole we had been eating earlier (Dave hates it, but I love it) and the crazy PC chips Dave brought home earlier (General Pao Chicken or some such silliness).
Emma is a late night kind of girl. She's a night owl, just like her mama. She loves to be up until midnight, and sleep until 10 or so. I love the quiet, just us time we get to have late at night. Often she's not even fussy; she just wants to play when there's no one tugging on her legs or sticking things on her head at random intervals.

It is sweet to watch her as she practices crawling, standing, sitting, cruising, sitting, crawling, sitting, grabbing, shaking, sucking, throwing, crawling . . . in that very deliberate way babies have.
Its usually cute until about 11:30. Then I start wearing thin . . .


Kristen said...

your post made me smile :o)

Beck said...

I love the picture of you that Andrew took. :) You look happy. :)