Saturday, July 31, 2010

Things I Love (As witnessed by quantity during packing)

Mini Quilts hanging on my shelf after a quick, gentle wash to remove the dust and lint:

Books (in free boxes from the liquor store - every book phile knows that liquor boxes are the best for packing books). These are Dave's and mine, plus a few boxes of the boys' growing collection. I realized that all my books were doubled up on the shelves, which means we're going to need more book cases in our new place.

And of course, fabric. I don't know how I'm going to fit all this in my new, smaller sewing space. In case you can't read the labels: vintage sheets, craft books, embroidery hoops + quilt batting, patterns, clothes for re-purposing
Quilting books, magazines and scraps
My bread box (ie- holder of that little extra bit of my stash), and one of my rulers and assorted odds and ends from the basement:
Scraps: I managed to fit them all in this drawer (um, okay, plus two small boxes -- time for a scrappy quilt - any suggestions?)
And of course my collection of fat quarters, yard cuts, trim, ribbon, buttons, and one bin of clothes fabric (with my voile that I sadly didn't get a chance to sew up into anything this summer, which means I have a derth of summer clothes, because I didn't buy any becuase I was planning to make some and now I can't bear to buy any because its almost August and I hope to be much smaller by next summer, so why spend money on clothes right now?)
Oh yeah, and some big cuts of fabric, my Thread Together quilt in progress, my Dad's ties (planning to make little quilts for my mom, my siblings and me from those), home decor fabric, wool felt, and my precious remaining corduroy, plus a few more clothes to repurpose.
So, no more quilt fabric for me. With the possible exception of a few of these owls and trees -- seriously how amazing is that fabric?

Well, my basement is about an hour away from being completely packed, now I have this next week to work on the upstairs. Let the turning -upside -down - of -the - house begin!

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Bree said...

I'm going to show your pics to my husband so he stops hassling me about my stash!!! :)