Saturday, July 10, 2010


I have really been absent from this place lately, haven't I? I've made a few things, but I don't have the images here -- they're on my camera in Montreal. As for doing things, well, I just had to buzz out to Montreal and write an English test and check out a few things, and Dave is out there now finding us a house, and we've been trying to pack and clear stuff out a little at a time in between taking care of all the kids, plus I had my two end of the year youth group things, and a summer cold has been running through the family (Aaron's got a bad sinus infection at the moment and we're going to have to visit the doctor on Monday for some antibiotics if things don't clear up by then). Its been a couple of months where you think about something that seems like it happened forever ago and then realize it was only last week.

Anyway, yes, I am still here, but I rarely have time to type -- someone is generally on my lap or in my arms or my hands are full of things to fold, pack, cook or clean. Its just one of those stages in life, I guess. When I get free arms to type (right now I have had two out of three of the littles on my lap in rotation, and the only reason the third one hasn't taken a turn is because she's sleeping) I shall, I promise, friends.


Amy Seven-Stitches said...

It does get a bit hard when everything is happening and everyone wants to sit on your knee the rest of the time. All the best for the house hunting. I look forward to reading more when things settle down.

Beck said...

Kudos to you for doing it with three! I shudder when I think about moving again with just one! Hope you guys find a house soon. & Hope you get some relaxation time too!

Kristen said...

oh you mean you have a life outside of your computer? How dare you! *lol* Wish you well and looking forward to when you live a little closer...maybe we can meet up in Kingston?