Saturday, July 24, 2010

What to do, what to do . . .

So, I notice that its been a year since I blogged about my hair. That would be because I was so grumpy after my last hair cut -- which I hated -- I was at an impasse. I was tired of my hair dresser, and I wanted to grow my hair out for a while. Since I'm too paranoid to see anyone else, I've just let it grow and grow for the last year. And lately I've been too busy to really take care of it (ie -- detangle it and brush it every day). I've just been putting it in braids all the time. I get time to put some detangler in it right after my shower and brush it, then it goes in a braid, so it doesn't get pulled all day. The next day, I either cover the messy top of my braid or take the one braid out and put it in two braids. Seriously, people, its come to this. My hair is becoming like an annoying pet that I can no longer care for.

Also, I'm probably going back to work in a month and a half, and I need to do interviews and such, so I need hair that actually looks professional, not crazy. This means either keeping lot of the length and getting bangs and layers (and finding someone who is not going to just give me a "Friends" haircut which is totally outdated and will not do in a bigger city) or cutting everything off and getting some version of the default haircut but slightly shorter. About this length:

This would leave my hair free to be pulled all day, but it would mean cute hats and scarves when off work, and easy wash - brush - and go styling when I was working. And it would mean I would actually have to go to the hairdressers once every two months. But I think I could probably fit that in if I really tried.

Oh hair, if only I took the time to blow dry and style you . . . life would be so much less (more?) complicated.

ps- if you're wondering, yes that is a Schoolhouse Tunic . It is a super great pattern. No, I haven't shown it to y'all here because mine turned out poofy . . . I think because I used a linen / rayon blend that had too much body. Either that or I have too much body . .. I think I shall continue to blame it on the fabric.

pps - Does anyone else think its hilarious and oh-so-Jillish that in my "default haircut" post it didn't occur to me to clean the mirror? I do make myself laugh.

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