Thursday, January 03, 2008

I should never subscribe to a magazine

because whenever I do they cancel it! A couple of years ago I finally decided to subscribe to "Organic Style", which was pretty cool, and they cancelled it as soon as I did. Now they've cancelled Blueprint, which is the most awesome magazine and the only non-quilting mag I've bought all year, and I had just subscribed to it! Why don't any good magazines ever last? Why do terrible rags last year in and year out and new, interesting magazines targeted to younger audiences die so quickly.

Maybe I should start subscribing to all my least favorite magazines.


Jen said...

It is for this exact reason that I will never ever again have a favorite coffee shop. The three I claimed as my favorites went out of business.

No! Wait! From this day forward STARBUCKS will be my favorite!

Gee, do you think it will work?

Anonymous said...

dear Jill,

On behalf of the rest of us, could you please subscribe to the Anglican Journal?