Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Lappy has arrived!

There he is, the Lappy. While not quite as high quality as Strongbad's Lappy (http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail119.html) it is a close second.

Although for some of you a laptop might not be that big of a deal, you must remember that I grew up in a family of computer fanatics. Dave and I are the only Cook-related household that up until now did not have one compuer per adult. My dad had personal computer (a Rainbow, I beleive) in 1984 or maybe earlier, a modem in 1990 and he soups up his computers like other men soup up their cars. I remember he used to get these giant sized computing magazines that he would pour over when I was a teenager, and I always, always used to love looking at the laptops. At that time I was planning on becoming a writer, so it would be an invaluable tool to have a computer with me at all times. I hoped that I would receive one as a graduation from highschool gift, but I got married, so I got my wedding paid for and a sewing machine instead (not that I'm complaining -- I still use that sewing machine and I wouldn't be able to say that about a laptop from 1993). So this Lappy is a fulfillment of a long time dream of mine.

So far I'm pretty happy with the Lappy. I got it for a decent price -- computer, word perfect, router and wireless printe for all under $1000, and about $180 worth of rebates to come back to me soon. It was the only Boxing Day sale computer I could find for under $1000 that had SRAM, which means its actually faster than our desktop computer. And its very pretty and has all kinds of clever Japaneese features (right now I have a bamboo forest as my wallpaper).

Now all I have to do is design and sew up a funky carrier for it so I can lug it around to the park and the local coffee shop and not be worried bringing it in the basement. Hmm . . . off I go to craftster to find some clever laptop carriers.


Anna Michelle Irish said...

But how does it compare to the Lappy when it comes to environmental impact? Have fun with it (though I'm disappointed you didn't get a Mac; I'm with the Cheat on that one...)

Jilly said...

Only 25 acres of rainforest here. Virtually worth carbon credits, I say.

I knew someone would have to complain about my not geting a Mac. I just don't have the extra money laying around.

Anna Michelle Irish said...

I'm just teasing, of course. My first Lappy was a Toshiba, for the same reason. That was when those colorful Macs were out, just like the Cheat's. They were pretty cool, but the price differential was even greater than now, so I never did get to own an iFruit. Ah well, the clamshells were pretty big anyway.