Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Meet the Olives

These are the dolls I made for Beatrice and Marie. Marie is my god daughter, and I know her mom likes getting hand made gifts, so I made these dolls for the girls. I got the great pattern from wee wonderfuls and had a lot of fun putting them together. They are a bit more fiddly to construct, but much less time goes into stuffing and decorating them than does into the robots.

Here they are climbing off the chair. Their recipients are still at that age where clothes are considred an optional novelty when they are around the house, so I liked the idea of making it look like the dolls' underwear was peeking out.

And this is just a ridiculously cute shot of Aaron. Notice his lovely walking bruises. He had a matching set for the Christmas Eve service. He loves this chair. He will pick an item -- a scrap of cloth or paper, a truck, whatever, and go and sit in his chair and play with it and sing to himself for the longest time. Of course "in" the chair is a relative term -- he stands on the chair, climbs on and off the chair and sits in the chair, all while waving around his objet de jour. Does he really have to become a toddler? Can't he stay like this?

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Anonymous said...

You're right - VERY cute! He's so pretty, he could be a girl (I don't mean this in a weird way). And his eyes are both the same size. Again, that's not intended in weird way.

But the question remains: did you get your laptop?