Monday, January 14, 2008

Sock Puppet

This is Sock Puppet. Anna Irish made him for Andrew, as one of her first knitting projects. For about six months, it sat in my hats and mits organizer, becuse Andrew was really scared of it. But now he's getting to that stage where scary is good. So when we found Sock Puppet while organizing my laundry room, Andrew took to him instantly and gave him a terrible personality.

Sock puppet is mean. He eats everything. He's not allowed to go to church becuse he's too bad for church. He makes annoying sounds that Andrew is not allowed to make ("It wasn't me, mommy, it was Sock Puppet"). He grabs Aaron by the back of the shirt and drags him out of the way. Sock puppet is a big bully.

Now we get to the nearly theological question Sock Puppet presents: Would Anna still have made Sock Puppet if she had known he would turn out to be such a disreputable character?

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Anna Michelle Irish said...

Should that be an annalogical question?

But what does it say about me that I am rather amused by the evil nature of my creation? It's funny, I never intended Sock Puppet to be scary, but one just never knows how a child will see things. Perhaps it's the orange eyes...

At any rate, I'm glad Andrew is enjoying it, and exercising his imagination, too!