Friday, January 23, 2009

Making, making, making . . .

I was a busy little bee between Christmas and New Years (when we left of our vacation). I even managed to make something while we were gone.

I hand stitched this little doll quilt for my niece, to go with a doll that I forgot to photograph. I cut and sewed the strips, then I actually quilted the strips to the batting and backing as I attached them together on the front. Fun, easy little project, and Kaylee loved it.

Last Minute Fabric And Patchwork coasters for my Sister in Law:

And this was another one of my "Hey, you know what I really need to sew before I go on vacation?"moments, like the picnic quilt this summer . I decided that Aaron needed a carry on bag to match Andrew's, so ON THE DAY WE WERE LEAVING, I stitched one up for him. I tell you, I used every shortcut I could think of on this bag.
Next time, I must remember to sew the straps closer together. I may take them off and re-sew them. The idea was that each boy would have his own bag with his own stuff for the plane ride that he would carry on his own back. The reality was that we had two extra little bags to lug around the airport full of things that were not nearly as interesting as the in flight tv service, or as pulling your brother's headphones out of the plug, or staring at the passengers behind you, or walking up and down the aisle of the plane . . . still cute. And Aaron insisted on wearing it to and from playgroup on Wednesday.

And I also whipped up this quilt. Actually, I hired a babysitter for four hours while I stitched the rows together and quilted it. The great thing about this monkey fabric is that it is hard to go wrong with it, becuase it is so cute. And Andrew had a fit when he found out I was giving someone else the spaceship fabric. In his head it was his, I guess.

I found with this quilt that quilting on the diagonal through the squares can hide the fact that you didn't quite line all the rows up properly. It gives it the illusion of symmetry. Oh well, Seth is only 3 months old, so I don't think he'll notice.

I just noticed that my vacation photos ended up posted on the day I first uploaded them, instead of today, when I actually published them. Silly blogger. Scroll down if you want the vacation report.

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