Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still here

Hi. No worries, I made it safely back from Ontario. Just feeling really unmotivated to post about my trip or about anything else. I'm sure I"ll get back to it in a few days. Just going through the post-holiday blahs. Dave had to fly back to do a funeral in the middle of our holiday, then he did another one last Saturday (yeah, we got back late Wed. night), then he's doing another one this Friday . . . it seems endless. I'm back to the reality of "oh yeah, I have to entertain my kids all day with no car and no other kids or adults around again today and keep the house sane and myself somewhat sane at the same time. Hooray.".

This is the thing: I'm kind of bored. I am not the sort of person who handles boredom well -- I either make up things to be upset about because it gives me something to do, or I come up with some crazy unrealistic plan that swings me from boredom to frantic activity. Its the routine that kills me. The making-three-meals-a-day and exercising-four-times-a-week and sweeping-the-floor-for-the-tenth-time-today and breaking-up-the-fifth-fight-about-the-coveted-object-of-the-day just doesn't really stimulate my mind. Yet all the ideas I come up with for things I would like to do just frustrate me later when I realize I don't have the time or resources to do them. But all the things I should be doing are things I've been doing for a long time now, so they have lost their interest for me. So instead I mope around on the computer and read too many magazines looking for something to brighten my day, instead of playing with the kids, or working on some sewing or reading a real book or getting outside -- all of which would, in actual fact brighten my day.

One of the things my parents used to say to me all the time when I was growing up was "Boredom and routine are a part of life. Get used to them and do things even when they are boring." So I guess I'm off to drudge away. Time to get some good parenting books to inspire me (like the ones on the list Mia provided me in my last funk) and get my exercise, sleep and eating back on track so I'm feeling like I have the energy and mindfulness to do things well again. And remind myself tomorrow, when I play "Hide and Seek"for the five hundredth time, that this is building something important later on in my children's lives. Can't seem to think what right now, but something.

You'll be glad to know I have photos of my vacation, and all the crazy things I made the week between Christmas and going on holidays, and if anyone's interested I might do a tutorial for those capes I made for the boys, since I'm making some more later this week. Or I might just do a tutorial even if no one's interested, just because I'm interested.

Have a good day, all. Stay tuned -- I promise I'll get my blogging mojo back soon.


karenfae said...

Jill you sound kind of depressed not just bored. Are there no adults around to talk to - just the kids? I would put on some music and or some funny comedy movie or something to get out of a blue funk as we always call them. Call someone and chat awhile.

Anna & Andrew Mayo said...

I'm slightly jealous of your problem, but I do hate the rare days when I feel like I just rattle around my house and no chore or hobby seems appealing.

bettyninja said...

Jill....oh...Jill... want to join a quilt bee still? Looks like we have one cooking again. Mind sending me your email again if you are still interested? Thanks! bettywhoosh (at) gmail (dot) com