Saturday, January 24, 2009

Super Stash Sunday

I know, its not Sunday yet. But tomorrow is Aaron's little birthday party, so I imagine I'll be busy and then tired afterwords. So here it is, all nice and early:

Got the Blue Olive Rose as an extra blender that I don't need in a quilt I've been hired to do. Got the Yellow Katie Jump Rope on sale!

I think mugs might be my new obsession. I've been coveting the bottom print for a long time.


emedoodle said...

I'm a new reader... and a relatively new quilter. How do you find out about quilt swaps? I've read about them on your blog here. I really want to make a beautiful full size quilt for my baby daughter, but I'm afraid of screwing it all up. I need somewhere else to start. Maybe a swap? I hope soon I will have as many beautiful quilts on my blog as you do!

karenfae said...

love the coffee cup fabric.

dottycookie said...

Ah, I have some of the Rowan teacups too - aren't they delicious?