Saturday, April 04, 2009

Golden Syrup!

This is probably not a revelation to anyone else, but I just discovered that they sell Golden Syrup at the grocery store! I am super excited simply because now I can make these:

I should note to anyone who bought this book on my recommendation (Anna) that the American publisher miscalculated all the metric measurements in the recipes. Jane Brocket has noted this and posted the errata page on her blog .

An while we're on the topic of the Gentle Art of Domesticity, I must say that whenever I think, "What am I going to do with four or five lap quilts made just for our family?" I turn to this great photo as a reminder of why it would be great to have several quilts drifting around:

I tell you, perusing that bright book has got me through the March doldrums.


Jane said...

I am very glad to hear it! And I hope the flapjacks turn out well.

Anonymous said...

I gave the book to my Mother in law, and had actually passed on the corrections last week.

Thanks though :)

Carla said...

This made my day! We're studying Australia and I was thinking I'd need to improvise for anzac biscuits.

Jilly said...

Carla, I got it at Extra Foods. It is a smaller version of Superstore, so you should be able to find it there.

Jane (not that you'll be back, but still), thanks for stopping by! Lovely to hear from you, and we did enjoy the flapjacks!