Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quilting Impasse

I seem to have come to an impasse with my I Spy quilt. I put the top together, and it is okay. Its really busy, and kind of oddly balanced. Then I put the back together, using the 6 fabrics Andrew insisted I used, instead of one or two nice calm ones I had chosen. Then I started quilting it diagonally through the 9-patch units. But they're 15 inch blocks, so I've now realized that the quilting is going to be too far apart for the batting. So now I have to either pull all the quilting I've done out, or find some oddball way of quilting between the giant diamonds I'm going to have without making a mess. Arg, arg, arg.

This is what happens when I decide to do something "easy" and rush through it. And of course, it is on the quilt for MY son that I am going to have to see every day for years. I wish I would have taken a bit more time to think this one through. And that I wouldn't have promised him I wouldn't do any other sewing until I finished his quilt. Maybe I can sneak in my April mini for my mini quilt swap without him noticing, and let it sit for a week.


Anonymous said...

Can you just follow the same lines, but move over a half inch to mirror the quilting? Might be cute.

I like the busy boy prints, they are so much easier to come by now. That sock monkey is a favorite.

Jilly said...

I actually ended up being exactly 10" apart, and my son is happy with it, so I'm just going to leave it. If it starts to come apart, I'll just tie it.

Isn't the monkey fabric great? I still have two charm packs stashed away . . . I really need to take a deep breath and just use it already.