Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hmmm . . . it appears I have writer's block.

Its not that I don't have anything to say. Its this new blog I've started with my friend Kris . I'm terrified to write something in it. It is such a blank slate. A chance to speak with a different voice, to let the world in on some of my thoughts and feelings and ideas about motherhood. I tend to shy away from actually acting smart and serious. Its a defense mechanism built up from years of trying unsucessfully to not be bullied in school, and to seem a little bit less weird.

You see, the thing is that a year ago, when Kris and I were talking about starting a website called Clever Mamas, I thought I knew something about parenting. I had opinions to give and help to share with the un-enlightened. But the last year or so, a lot of those beliefs and ideas have changed; my ideals and perceptions have been shaken by the greatest humbler and teacher of all: real life with my children.

This in part shows that I really am a Clever Mama. After all, isn't being a Clever Mama just being a mom who can think and reflect and adjust to their children and their life circumstances? I think so. In any case, I am going to pretend to be clever, and send you all over the our fledgling new blog, Clever Mamas and see what's happening.

Kris is my much savvier and more stylish partner in crime. She is always up on the latest thing and has an interesting opinion about it, so she has already posted some articles. I will write something when I get my courage up. Really.


Bree said...

I just read it and I commented and I think it's pretty cool!

A useful tool I think whether you've been a Mama for 5 mins or 50 years!

Carla said...

I just got a chance to check it out. It looks great!

Jonathan said...

Yay, your writers block broke...I do laugh that you think of me as the more savy of the 2 of us!