Friday, May 22, 2009

Garbage Worker's Union, Local 110 Scotia Dr

I have decided that Andrew has a future as a union rep. Today I was moving everything around in the basement and vacuuming the floor. For whatever reason, that floor always seems to be covered in tiny pieces of garbage -- bits of cardboard and tape from various "inventions" of Andrew's, bits of fabric and thread from my sewing, three vials of very small seed beads Aaron decided to explode everywhere . . . that kind of thing. So while I was clearing the floor and moving the furniture around to vacuum, Aaron decided he was going to be the garbage man and take charge of collecting the garbage on his little car.

When Andrew caught wind of this (and realized it was taking more than 20 min or so for me to vacuum the basement) he came downstairs to see what was happening. Before I knew it, I had two garbage men collecting up tiny scraps, and I was informed that I was not allowed to pick up garbage. I must leave it on the floor for the garbage men.

As I kept moving furniture and gathering all the toys on the couch, the garbage men continued in their important function. Until I found the plastic cutting knife. This knife went with one of those produce cutting sets with the velcro fruit and veggies. I got rid of the fruit about 6 months ago because I would be constantly finding random slices of plastic pineapple and discarded plastic pea pods all over the house. But the knife sparked the idea of cooking lunch.

I was vacuuming one section of the floor, and as I went to move the furniture and bins in my sewing corner Andrew informed me that I would now have to pick up my own garbage. The garbage men were taking their lunch break.

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