Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mini Swap update

It looks like I'm behind on my swap posts! I just realized that I haven't shown you the last two little mini-quilts I received, or the last one I sent, OR showed you my cute spring swap package. Terrible, terrible!

First, here is the lovely little Gees Bend inspired quilt I received in January from KnitOneQuiltToo. See all that quilting? Its by hand. It is very pretty and vibrant:

I got behind on this swap because of my Dad's passing, and then I forgot to take a photo of the quilt I sent. So here's another photo of my lovely little quilt.

The next theme I participated in was Children's Literature. I made this little Dr. Seuss inspired quilt for spinstersister. The house is pieced, and the figures are made of wool felt that I thread painted on. After having to rip off the eggs and ham three times, I gave up on the idea of being able to do Sam-I-Am's face in this manner, so I did his details with a fabric marker. I wish I would have just done the face with marker and would have done his legs with thread, but once I had done it, I couldn't really go back. Still, I was pretty happy with it, and spinster sister's son claimed it instantly, so its all good.

The quilt I received FROM spinster sister put my little quiltie to shame. This is an amazing work of mini art based on the Eric Carle story "Draw Me A Star".

All those little fields and sky patches are pieced, and then the tiny houses and the star and guy are appliqued on top. This little lovely has now joined my mini quilt display in the kitchen. Aren't I lucky?


Beth said...

both of those are just amazing quilts. what an awesome theme for a quilt swap! did you use dr.seuss fabric, where did you find it?

Jilly said...

Beth -- the Dr Seuss quilt on the wall was a swap quilt, too, so I didn't make it. I'm not sure how she did it. I am guessing she scanned a page in and printed it out on fabric off her computer, but I"m not sure.

The little Green Eggs and Ham quilt I made used felt. I basically just enlarged the page from the book, cut out the shapes and traced them onto the felt and cut them out.