Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quilt Qua, Summer Swap and Spring Cleaning

So, I'm feeling a little naked around here without my camera. Its been so long since I posted without photos that I'm feeling silly. Seriously, can you do a crafty blog without photos?

But despite that, I just got an email from Connie who has started a new website, QuiltQua . It looks like a great round up source for quilt shops, classes, teachers, blogs, and information. Go check it out. And if you post a quilt on her Show and Tell page right now, you could have a chance to win a Jelly Roll. How sweet is that?

In other news, Inpired Mama has just opened up her Summer Celebrations Swap. She is accepting swappers until May 31. I am a bit low on sewing time and creative energy right now and in June I plan and execute a youth group camping trip and plan our yearly Art camp, so I might not join, but it is sure to be a great swap, so check it out.

Now that I am out of the first trimester fog (yay!), I have also decided to spring clean my house. It is in serious need of a thorough clean and de-clutter. I spent a whole $7 on Tsh's 10 Day Guide to Spring Cleaning for Normal People ebook, and I am working my way through it. I think it may take me more than 10 days, because I have a basement and our house is a big mess. I am a huge hoarder, and can think of a use for everything (and I do mean everything) so the first day was the hardest for me.

On day one you go around your house and just go through every room and throw out of decide to give away everything you don't think to be useful or beautiful. In my case, this includes all the scrap wood and yogurt containers that were drifting around the house. And broken toys. And (take deep breaths) two bags full of fabric and assorted fabric-y things I had vague plans for or that I bought when I started quilting or that I bought on an impulse and then realized I would never actually make into a garment, or that I thought I would re-purpose into something else.

I realized that I just don't throw things out. There is some twitch in my brain that thinks is might be interesting to keep ten mandarin orange boxes or a metre of tangled wire or the plastic balls that are supposed to go in our little wire and vinyl house, but instead just get scattered around endlessly. I just love stuff. It all fascinates me. Like, everything fascinates me. I am amused to watch my children turn broken furniture into trains and ladders and spaceship parts. But then when they lose interest and it becomes crazy clutter around my house, I keep it around anyway, in case they think of something else to do with it. I enjoy being constantly surprised by what I might find drifting through the hallway at any given moment on any given day, or what might be under the couch when I go to find the sippy cup Aaron shoved under there. Its like having a constant treasure hunt in your own home. Unfortunately, this oddity is not very conducive to peaceful and calm family life. It drives my husband crazy that he can never find anything or walk anywhere (which I agree is rather maddening). My oldest son goes around the bend when a piece to his latest thing-with-lots-of-small-parts goes missing because it has been drowned under the book hurricane that has blown right out of the book bin and all over the floor. So I am going to have to change my ways.

Maybe if I put something interesting on the walls (like art, or fabric or photos or, um, anything) I would be able to throw more crazy things out because there would actually be something to look at in our house. Maybe. I'll have to try it and see.

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