Friday, May 15, 2009

Hello, again!

As you may have guessed, I did get away. The part never did show up, so at 2pm we asked them to just put the car back together for us. They did, and it was fine. Apparently, when you are driving on roads without giant potholes, and with out a huge gulph between the edge of every driveway and the road (like 2 - 5 inches), you hardly hear the rattle at all . . .

This meant that I had to rush off and shop and didn't get away until well after 3, which meant we got into Winnipeg at around 12:30. Crazy. The boys travelled amazingly well, especially considering that it was so cold that we couldn't even stop to play. Andrew was disappointed because I had told him we could stop and play in some parks along the way, and then because I hadn't packed their winter jackets it was too cold.

The wedding was lovely, despite a last minute venue change (garden party weddings in the pouring rain when it is 2 C are just not so fun), and it was great to see all my family and catch up with everyone.

The rest of the trip was really great. I just hung out at my friends, the Lukins' house or went out to do the shopping that I needed to get done. Kym and Jeff have a lovely home, and know just how to make it tidy and comfortable and welcoming. The boys played well with Sam (also two) and I got lots of chances to chat and rest. I was really tired, and kept falling asleep with the boys at around 8pm, but the Lukins were terribly understanding and didn't hold it against me.

The drive back was a little tenative to start off with -- pouring rain and strong gusting winds -- but the rain cleared up and the winds just meant I used more gas. I was laughing at myself, because when I was in the midst of the storm, I kept staring at the horizon. I knew that if the storm was going to blow over, I would see the edge of the rain in the distance. You know you've been living on the prairies too long when you don't listen to the weather, you check the horizon.

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Kristen said...

Glad you are back safely and that you had a great time away!