Friday, May 15, 2009

No camera!

Well, I'm afraid my blog might be a bit slow and boring for a while. I seem to have misplaced my camera. I'm guessing it is either at Kym and Jeff's house or at my sister's house, where I stopped to pick up some boxes in Portage la Prairie.

This is unfortunate, because I brought home an awesome stash of my Dad's ties. He had given a bunch away a few years before he died, since he didn't wear that many, but there are some beauties left over. I have plans to make wall hanging sized quilts for my siblings and my mom sometime when I feel up to it. It was fun to sort through them today, as I could see the different eras of my dad's style reflected in the ties. There are a bunch of solid ones from his "Power Uniform" stage in the '80s, and some bright, geometric ones from his "Pinstripe Mafia" stage in the '90s, and some wide, paisley and crazy patterned ones from the '70s, and a bunch of blue striped ones from when he used to preach on tv a lot and had to wear grey suits and blue ties and shirts because they "read" better. My Dad loved pattern and colour and having a "look". His ties always remind me of this side of him, which he passed down to me, so I'm happy to have them.

I also wanted to take a picture of the newest addition to our family. At 12 weeks along, we just have a little bump to show for my three months worth of exhaustion and yukkiness. But since this addition will be baby #3, my body is pretty confident that it knows how this goes, and has relaxed into a roundish shape already.

And yes, if you missed it, that was my round about announcement that I'm pregnant again! If all goes well, Baby #3 will be arriving in late November. Andrew is hoping for a girl. I'm fine either way -- I don't know what I'd do with a girl. Girls means actually having to brush hair and buy them more than one pair of shoes. And somehow manage to teach them all the feminine wiles I've yet to catch onto myself . . .


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Yeah another baby Chapman. Congratulations!