Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Au Revoir, Good Friends

So, along with my love of quilting textiles, I also love clothes. I love cords, and cotton pants and well cut jeans. I love snugly wooly sweaters and cozy t-shirts. I love cute tank tops and funky tunics. Recently, I had been quite happy to see leggings and skinny jeans with longer shirts and tunics come back, since they have always been good to me (though I think I'll pass on the cut off shorts over top of leggings look this time around). And I feel like I have finally figured out how to dress for my body type and look decent (I know, it took me 30 years to get there). And I had just lost all my baby weight before getting pregnant the first time this winter, and bought some cute new sweaters and jeans that fit well and were not frumpy and did not need to be suitable for breastfeeding on demand.

And then I got pregnant. And now, I need to find a way to fit all my maternity and post partum (ie - bigger and frumpier and very washable) and nursing clothes into my wardrobe. So I had to say au revoir to all my lovely, cute clothes again. Some of them were bought just before I got pregnant with Andrew, and have seen about 6 months of use in the last 6 years. Sigh.

I know its vain, but I greive about my body and my clothes in the last trimester of every pregnancy. And then I greive again shortly after I give birth, and my uterus has shrunk back but the rest of me, well, hasn't. And then when I have lost about half the weight and realize that *certain* bits and pieces are just never going back to their former glory I grieve again. And then I make the best of it, and use it as an excuse to buy new clothes . . .

In any case, it was a sad day yesterday.

Ah well, on inspection, I discovered that most of my nursing shirts have survived two voracious newborns and are starting to fray and pill and stretch. Which I suppose gives me an excuse to buy some new nursing clothes . . . . I knew something good would come of this if I looked hard enough.

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