Friday, September 25, 2009

Weird message from Yahoo!?

So, I just got a message from Yahoo, apparently, asking me to give them my email address, password, date of birth and country, otherwise they are going to suspend my account and shut it down within a week. They say this is to make sure my account is still being used. But I use it EVERY DAY. Don't they have some way of keeping track of these things? Don't they already have my password? Why do they need my birthday all of a sudden?

Has anyone else who used Yahoo!mail got this message? I really don't want to email all my account info to some random person who may or may not be Yahoo.


shevvy said...

Forward the message to Yahoo help. They can then advise you if it is legit or not (but it doesn't sound it).
Never ever send this sort of information without being absolutely sure.

Kristen said...

Check your account information in your Yahoo account. Yahoo will not email asking you to do this...they will promt you on log in for more information though.

Bree said...

sounds like a scam to me.

Anna and Andrew Mayo said...

it's a scam, so are the bank ones