Friday, September 04, 2009

Fun Kitchen Find

You might notice that I haven't been posting any cool vintage finds this year. That is because I decided not to do yard sales this summer. There were several reasons for this:

  • we were a little tight on money this spring, what with extra flights for my Dad's funeral and a new mattress to save Dave's back

  • I was crazy burned out and busy

  • Saskatchewan has a bit of a Great Depression hang over, so there isn't usually much that is actually great at the yard sales around here - good things are generally kept just in case

  • I kept buying things I thought I could fix up, but then didn't fix them up, so they just sat around taking up our basement space, and cluttering my mental "to do" list

After we got back from holidays, and I was feeling less burnt out, I had enough brain power to compile a mental list of things I might actually need (serving bowls, mugs and cups, a tv cabinet with doors, a kids table and chairs) and start a little bit of a hunt for these items.

Well, this weekend I had a major yard sale score. Not only did I find a serving bowl and some funky mugs (no photos of these, sorry), and some free powder blue suitcases (I'll show them to you another day), but I got this:

A hand crank food chopper. It slices, it dices and it grates with the help of three easy attachments and Andrew. Andrew is seriously in love with this thing. Yesterday, we grated and julienned carrots. Today we sliced cucumbers. Tomorrow, we might try potatos. He's even thinking he might be willing to eat cole slaw if he got to chop the cabbage himself. I'm thinking I might be willing to make some spring rolls or dumplings with this baby to chop the carrots and cabbage and onions and ginger really fine. The possibilities are endless. I just have to find a place to keep it in my kitchen where its not going to drop on someone's head and concuss them.

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