Friday, September 11, 2009

DQS7 - Finished!

Well, after much planning and careful stitching and stitch ripping and re-working and adding and subtracting . . . I finally finished and mailed my Doll Quilt! I am so proud of this one.

I was really happy with the colours, although I think I would make the sky less busy next time. The quilting, especially of the tree and the grass, worked just how I wanted it to:

Here's the back, where you can really see the quilting details:

When I was all done everything, I thought it needed one final touch. I thought I had some ladybug buttons in the basement, but I was wrong. So I made my own:

I hope my partner likes it. If she doesn't, she can mail it back to me. I'll happily keep it and make her something else. As it is, I think it fits into "whimsical, flowery and bright" pretty well. And I think I shall have to make myself one later.


Beck said...

That's a pretty awesome quilt.

Bree said...

So cute! Lovely Lovely Lovely.
Maybe this time you'll have a girl and can do stuff like that for yourself?

gardenmama said...

wow!!! you are quite the talented quilter yourself!!! i love, love what you made, and the sweet handmade ladybugs! amazing and so beautiful : )