Monday, November 23, 2009

Arg, arg, arg!

Although I am really really happy with this:

I am less than happy that when I lay the backing pieces down, it seemed that I had extra fabric. So I foolishly cut all the centre pieced pieces a little shorter, so I would have a little bit of extra of those fabrics left. And now my backing is two inches too short. And since I used up every last smidgen of the red peony fabric in that top and bottom border, I don't really want to cut an inch off each side to make it fit, because I like the proportions precisely how they are now. I really wanted to baste this tonight, because you can't really baste a quilt when a rambunctious almost 3 yr old is running over it while you try to work. Well, quilt, you will have to wait until tomorrow now. Sigh. I would love to get this quilt done before the baby comes, so it can be my two am snuggle quilt. It doesn't look like that's going to happen, unless baby waits three or four more days, though. Sigh. Ah well, the important things are done, anyhow.

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