Thursday, November 26, 2009

Still Waiting . . .

now at 40 weeks and counting. I think I still have two weeks left, but because I went into labour and then back out of it on Saturday and everyone in town heard about it, people are acting like I'm WAY overdue. The church ladies have got bored of waiting and have started sending food over anyway, and our answering machine message now says "You've reached the Chapmans. There is no baby yet. You may leave a message." For a day or so it said "You've reached the Chapmans. We are in the process of having a baby. If you want to leave the baby a large cash donation, please leave a message after the beep" because so many people were calling us, but we thought it might be inappropriate if, say, someone was calling about a dire-ly ill relative Dave had to go visit.

Yep, there I am. Not so cute anymore. Just very, very pregnant.

Its ironic, because last time around I had such a fast, sudden labour, and this time I've been having contractions on and off for days. Of course, I had a brutal cold when I was pregnant with Aaron, so I might have been so busy coughing that I didn't notice them. Or maybe I just coughed him right out. Not sure.

What has been arriving at a lovely rate, however, are my quilt blocks from the International Stash Busting Bee! I got a block Friday, two Monday, two Tuesday and one Wednesday. I sent out the big flowers, and look at all the beauty I received back:

If we have a girl, I may not have to go to much effort to make her a quilt after all.

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Kristen said...

you're still cute