Thursday, November 26, 2009

In the Meantime

I have been enjoying . . .

The grand adventures of Dr Zucchini and Captain America. Dr Zucchini is a quirky mad scientist / superhero based on a character from "Word Girl". He mostly fights Dr Gross Toes and eats and chats with the Waitress (aka me) at his favorite resteraunt and makes lego inventions in his secret lair. He has several costumes, all of which require the red goggles -- either on his forehead or over his eyes. Previously he has had a super long excersise mat as a cape, but it proves to be impractical for everyday use, so then he settles for baby legs as arm guards, mittens, shorts, and the goggles.
Egg nog in my morning cup of coffee. I know, coffee when pregnant, you ask? Well, my hands were swelling up and now they're not. So I consider that to be a double win. The egg nog is just a bonus.

A few more days with this little lad. He really only gets these three months of time alone with mom during his brother's school days. I'm trying to make the most of these sweet little moments together.

On Wednesday we were driving a train. Well, he was supposed to be driving the train, but then decided the was "too busy cutting", so the train had to wait at the station while the driver finished cutting the paper and distributing it on the track.

The lack of snow . . . aside from those few weeks I've been able to wear my Birkenstocks this entire pregnancy.

Getting to finish my quilt. I should be able to show you tomorrow. I quilting is really not as elaborate as I'd like, but at this point I'm willing to sacrifice excellent craftsmanship for prompt baby and little boy snugglability. I'll have lots of other quilts to do awesome quilting on.

Sleeping for 6 hour stretches. It'll be a long time before I do that again.

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