Thursday, November 19, 2009

No baby yet, but lots of nesting.

No, I haven't had the baby and just forgotten to tell you all.

I have however, finally figured out a way to kick my other children out of my bed (again) without buying anything new. You see, while we were on vacation, Andrew and Aaron shared a bed or mattress everywhere we went. So Andrew got used to sleeping with someone again, and he didn't want to give it up. But he has a single bed, so him and Aaron couldn't really share it. The end result was that everyone was back in our bed, and we were getting squeezed out.
It was really a simple solution. Well, simple for me, and a bit more complicated for Dave. But I let him go away for a full week a couple of weeks ago, so he owed me at least a morning's worth of moving and carting:

We moved out guest bed / futon back into Andrew's room, and now the boys sleep together in there. Now we have room for the baby in our bed. Yay!

I am also still sewing like a mad woman. I am about 25 back stitches and 4 nails away from finishing the little changing area I've set up, then I can take some photos, but here's one of the parts I like the best:

These baskets are awesome. I am so tired of buying plastic bins that my children manage to destroy in weeks or days, that I am just going to buy crates or make more and more of these. They are really roomy, and only take a few hours to put together once you know what you are doing. The big bonus is that they have quilt batting on the inside, so they use up all those odd bits of batting I have stacked in the basement closet.

The pattern was a PDF from maya*made . You can also buy them in her shop, along with lots of other beautiful things. And she has a great blog, too. Definitely worth checking out. The inside of mine is some natural canvas I picked up at my local fabric shop, and the outside is some cordoroy I have kicking around. Oddly enough, aside from intensely coloured quilting cottons, my other fabric obsession is cordoroy. When I find one I like at a decent price I tend to buy metres of the stuff. Like, two or three metres of it. After all, you never know when you're going to need 3m of baby blue fine whale cordoroy, right?

In any case, I digress. I shall show you my whole changing area tomorrow after I finish my wall pockets.

I am also still working on this:

I was at a bit on an impasse, so I posted it on Flikr and asked for all my wonderful crafty swap buddies opinions. I got some good suggestions, so I'm not almost finished to top. One of the things I love about Flikr and the internet is that I posted the photos first thing in the morning here, during my morning "its 5:30 am and I'm not awake yet to do anything useful" internet surf, and I got responses from people in Europe right away who were probably doing their "Its late at night and I don't feel like going to bed but I'm too tired to do anything useful" internet surf.

In any case, I'm hoping I can get at least the quilt top done before the baby comes. And since I"m trying to use up the fabric I already have, it may end up being backed in the rest of that 3 m of baby blue cordory.

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Chakatoria said...

Great work on the quilt. I'm sure you had a great time nesting! We look forward to seeing more work from you.