Monday, April 28, 2008

Finally got a wagon!

I have been trying to figure out how to transport the boys this spring and summer. I can still put Andrew in the jogging stroller and Aaron in the hiking backpack, but Andrew is almost 40 lbs, and Aaron is over 20 lbs, so it is quite gruelling to walk the twenty or thirty minutes it takes to get to the mail or the mall and back again. It was either a wagon or a double stroller, but the double jogging stroller / bike trailer things are a bit ungainly for my liking (plus last year when we had that old one Andrew was constantly screaming about Aaron leaning on him) and the regular doubles are not really for kids over 40 lbs. So I think this is the best option.

Its pretty light and slim, which I like. It fits through the doors of the post office, and I can strap the boys in so there are no Aaron's diving out of the wagon and into traffic. Also, I figure we will be able to haul ourselves to the grocery store, then haul Aaron and the groceries back and make Andrew walk, which will be easier to manage than trying to convince Andrew he really wants to carry milk and cantelopes on his lap in the stroller . . . So all in all I'm pretty happy with it. The boys also love it, and had fun helping put it together last night. I did a test run with it today, and it was great. It will mean that I can walk around town this summer, and only use the car for big grocery shops and out of town adventures.

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